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Your photos – here!

This page is intended to be a rogue’s gallery of photos sent by readers.

If you’ve see any wonton scenes of litter and discarded debris, send them to Dave and your pics – along with some descriptive copy you provide – will be posted here. Email your photos to (To provide you some privacy, I will post your name and/or location but no other personal information.)

Bring ’em on!


Hey, our first submission for this page … from Sherry in Charlotte, North Carolina, who wrote:

It's not about the volume of trash, it's that it's there at all … as Sherry shows us.

It’s not about the volume of trash, it’s that it’s there at all … as Sherry shows us.

“I don’t know why this wadded up receipt carelessly tossed on a table outside of a Publix grocery store caught my eye. Perhaps because I have always “picked up my path” I tend to be aware of items tossed in places they don’t belong. Did I retrieve it from the table and walk the ten feet to the trash can?

Of course I did and I realize that it is people like me, this blogger and the people who read this blog who actually can have an impact albeit it small. At least we do something and it serves a much higher purpose than the people who carelessly wad and toss their trash with no thought at all. We are the “doers.” We don’t make excuses, we don’t criticize; we just reach down and clean up after other people because it is the right thing to do.  Keep it up.”


More evidence of slobs in North Carolina. Thanks, Sherry!

Sherry has seen slobbery first hand on more than one road/street in South Carolina.

Sherry has seen slobbery first hand on more than one road/street in North Carolina.

You were “trash talking” SC roadways not too long ago so thought I would send you a picture of the Steele Creek area of Hwy. 49 (in North Carolina).

There is always a ton of trash there but it’s exceptional right now. Apparently these washed cans and lids fell from a recycling vehicle.  I will try to pick this stuff up after peak traffic hours one day this week.






3 Comments on Your photos – here!

  1. jacobsbranch // November 16, 2014 at 4:10 am // Reply

    I’m blown away by your discipline to keep the posts coming! The new photo section is great.

  2. This is the sort of photo we need … nothing elaborate but an everyday shot of trash that shouldn’t be where it is.

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