Donald Trump fought Scottish wind mills – and the turbines won.

Big time. And so did Scotland.

After analyzing data from WeatherEnergy, the environmental group WWF Scotland announced that wind turbines generated more than 100 percent of the total amount of electricity used  (for the first time) in the country on Aug. 7 reported the Guardian newspaper.

If you’re into numbers, these are pretty impressive: Turbines in Scotland provided 39,545 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity while the country’s total power consumption for homes, business and industry was 37,202 MWh – meaning wind power generated 106 percent of the nation’s electricity needs.

WWF Scotland said such self sufficiency “certainly marks a significant milestone.” Still, less than 13 percent of Scottish energy is generated by renewables.

The Scottish government states on its website that it has a renewable energy target of generating the equivalent of 100 percent of gross annual electricity consumption and 11 percent of heat consumption by 2020.

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump unsuccessfully fought offshore wind turbines as a visual blight for one of his seaside golf courses.

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Looking for an eco-friendly reason to buy a car?

Subaru is the first automaker to generate zero landfill waste and recycles virtually every scrap of material left over from its car manufacturing process.

Astute reader Bob F. sent a link about Subaru’s recycling/non-waste performance. also touts the company’s efforts to reduce waste at our national parks.

Fishing in South Carolina? Think chicken or take out instead.

Are bass are on your dinner menu tonight in South Carolina? It’s pretty much all catch-and-release at Lake Keowee and Lake Hartwell.