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Those of you who’ve lolled around know it’s my belief that even picking up trash is part of the environmental picture. A very small, get-your-hands-dirty part, but a part nonetheless.

So it would come as no surprise that I tend to follow other environmental/naturalist type of organizations. Some are more inherently attractive than others – that’s by my standards – but I do have a short list of groups that I think are legit and serve a good purpose.

In no particular order, here they are: – It’s a spinoff of Friends of the Earth. The little winged pollinators are dying by the millions, thanks to mankind. The main culprit is a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids manufactured by Bayer and Syngenta, with their ‘neonics’ products linked to the die-off of bees. Friends of the Earth calls bees ‘canaries in the coal mine’ to warn us of imminent danger to our food. Friends of the Earth can be an aggressive bunch – but that’s what it seems to take these days in the fight for the environment. – The flagship site of the Nature Conservancy. Ever stylish and thoughtful, the Nature Conservancy relies on grassroots efforts to protect and reclaim land. Their six times per year glossy magazine is a must-read for the environmentally concerned. The North Carolina chapter also publishes afield, a high quality, well designed quarterly publication that comes with your national subscription. – I’ve been a member of the Sierra Club a long time (not terribly active in it, but still a supporter) and it continues to be the bellwether of the environmentalist movement. The Sierra also is also on a six-issue-per-year publication schedule. My perception of the Sierra Club is that it concerns itself with larger national issues on virtually any topic. The mags of all these organizations have photography at their core, but I think Sierra still sets that pace.

Others who earn my donation dollars include the National Wildlife Federation (, the Natural Resources Defense Council (, Greenpeace (, the Environmental Defense Fund (

If you want a very thorough list of organizations you ought to check the pulse of, go to There you’ll find the 100 best environmental web sites.

What strikes me is that if this vast number of organizations exists, humanity must be doing it’s level best to drag the environment down with it. But I’m bound and determined not to let my little three mile stretch of path to be taken down, too.

Hey, it wouldn't be a blog on litter if there wasn't at least one photo: here's one week's worth of junk set out for the recycling truck.

Hey, it wouldn’t be a blog on litter if there wasn’t at least one photo: here’s one week’s worth of junk set out for the recycling truck.



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