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A consortium of companies and industry organizations have started a televised public service campaign with an accompanying web site to encourage recycling. That site is

The firms (Alcoa, Anheiser Busch, Unilever, Niagara, Waste Management, the American Chemistry Council, Nestle Waters, and ISRI – The Voice of the Recycling Industry) are behind the broadcast/online campaign and the products several of them produce show up all too regularly in my street side plastic bags.

To be sure, it is a feel-good public relations campaign possibly dreamed up by and involving the Ad Council.

No doubt some of the junk seen here is produced by the companies hoping to see some of that refuse recycled and reused.

No doubt some of the junk seen here is produced by the companies hoping to see some of that refuse recycled and reused.

Still, I have no particular beef with companies and their ability to sell products. Sure, much of that packaging puts a strain on our natural resources but the silver lining is if – and that’s a big IF – we can recycle and recycle materials over and over again into serviceable products.

I do find it laudable that companies want to “spread the word” about recycling and help folks find recycling centers, among other niceties offered by the website. That’s all well and good. If it gives some trash-a-holic pause before they pitch something else out of their car window, that’s good enough for me.

Here’s my only beef: Why haven’t the McDonalds and Burger Kings and Wendy’s, QuickTrips, and the National Association of Home Builders (to name a few) as well as others in the beverage, manufacturing and plastics industries signed on? I’ve ragged at many of these brand names often enough and have shown plenty of sordid photos with their products (reduced to garbage by the time I collect them) heaped in piles on my driveway.

But this is a start, and a pretty good one at that. When it comes to litter and recycling, it’s any port in a storm because if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

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I'm the one behind two totally unrelated blogs; one on 15 years of writing a weekly letter to my kids (plus other recipients), the other on my localized environmental responsibility. I'm a writer by trade and both endeavors are accepted practice for me. As for the letters, my adult children Ellen and Reid may have seen letters as corny at one point, but it's accepted practice for them, too, to find something in their mailbox other than bills and junk mail. Email and texting don't do a lot for me for a lot of different reasons. Snail mail has its place in the communicative world so as long as they keep selling stamps, I'm buying. As for 'Pick Up Your Path' and the environment, I advocate what citizens can do themselves to take a direct hand in their neighborhood environment. But Pick Up Your Path is also a general environmental blog. It may be largely about litter and trash, but both of those are just one element of the total environmental picture.

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