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A damn mess in South Florida…

There apparently aren’t a lot of Pick Up Your Path converts in Deerfield Beach. But there are, however, a lot of idiots.
My walk this morning was stop-and-go: go a few steps then stop to pick up one of the literally hundreds of things worthy of reclamation.

This is the worst mess imaginable.

In the first 15 minutes bag #1 was full. But plastic Armageddon was still ahead. Beneath the serrated fronds of low palmettos ideally suited to trap junk was an unfathomable amount of plastic and polystyrene. I reached what I could; some of it had clearly been there for a long, long time.
There was a very disturbing scene as I trod across a bridge spanning a waterway. The surface beneath the bridge was covered with floating debris, most of it destined before long to make its unfortunate way to the Atlantic. I hate that prospect.
It can’t be much worse than this. This is likely some kind of unenviable record for junk that amasses along a sidewalk. Then again, I suppose it could be worse in Detroit or Houston or Los Angeles. As they say, records are made to be broken.




About Dave Bradley (264 Articles)
I'm the one behind two totally unrelated blogs; one on 15 years of writing a weekly letter to my kids (plus other recipients), the other on my localized environmental responsibility. I'm a writer by trade and both endeavors are accepted practice for me. As for the letters, my adult children Ellen and Reid may have seen letters as corny at one point, but it's accepted practice for them, too, to find something in their mailbox other than bills and junk mail. Email and texting don't do a lot for me for a lot of different reasons. Snail mail has its place in the communicative world so as long as they keep selling stamps, I'm buying. As for 'Pick Up Your Path' and the environment, I advocate what citizens can do themselves to take a direct hand in their neighborhood environment. But Pick Up Your Path is also a general environmental blog. It may be largely about litter and trash, but both of those are just one element of the total environmental picture.

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